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Do You Suffer from Mass Formation Psychosis?

Over the past two years of SARS CoV2, I have often wondered how so many smart people (some I actually know) would buy into the misinformation that immediately followed the public announcement of Covid 19 in March 2020.

The information about Covid was almost immediately available, however, our govt (and others) decided to use flawed predictive models from Imperial College London and University of Washington [Chris Murray study], to scare you into compliance.

On the podcast I was doing at the time with doing with George Holt, Ride Along Radio, we interviewed Dr Kelly Victory, a trauma surgeon and mass casualty expert with years of govt service, who said she did not understand the position being taken by Dr Fauci (and Dr Birx at the time) and thought the approach was like nothing she’d ever seen in American medicine.

Dr Victory explained how prior to 3/2020, there was no medical construct for “social distancing,” and in all her years of training, education and experience treating patients, had anyone ever thought it a good idea to place useless face coverings on the general population, test people who were not sick, and move towards the creation of a new untested vaccine, when doctors had plenty of experience with Covid-type viruses and could repurpose drugs deemed safe by the FDA and already in use.

It was clear to me in March 2020, DR Fauci (who hadn’t treated a patient in over 40 yrs) and crew were either very incompetent (which has proven to be the case), or there was some other reason for the fear mongering. Dr. Fauci, the CDC, the WHO, and the legacy media all conspired with the Democrat Party to scare you into submission, I believe, to control the outcome of the 2020 presidential election.

Suddenly in 2020, folks were afraid to vote in-person, pump gas without surgical gloves, but were happy (even encouraged by media & Democrat politicians) to engage in [mostly peaceful] violent protests, rioting and looting as a result of the in-custody death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

As 2020 faded into 2021, with all the new information available about the coronavirus, the effective treatments available, and specific information about whom was actually “at-risk” of death from Covid, I was stunned to see the continued misinformation from the legacy media and Democrat politicians who appear to want to keep the power over our lives given up so easily, and now want even more.

As the new radical, Leftwing of the Democrat Party began to expose their intent to fulfill Obama’s promise to “fundamentally transform” America, businesses were shut down, schools were closed, and some workers deemed more “essential” than others. Unemployment skyrocketed, as did stimulus payments from the govt to keep people at home watching Netflix while the new Biden administration began to destroy the country, all in an effort to “keep you safe.”

I noticed that people who were basically doing nothing of note with their lives, suddenly “felt” important, their lives had new meaning; They were now warriors fighting “The Vid,” and could (can) be seen wearing a surgical mask in non-surgical settings (like the grocery store), and driving alone in their own vehicles, windows rolled up, wearing face coverings fighting the war on The Vid.

As the months of 2020 rolled by, people who were outside walking their doggies, or riding a bike for exercise could be seen (and still can be in 2022!) wearing a surgical mask or face covering, with complete contentment, looking as though they are happy to be fighting the war on Covid, or at the very least, willing to virtue signal they are!

Then, I was sent the Joe Rogan interview with Dr. Robert Malone and the unprecedented idiocy I watched over the past two years all became crystal clear. Mass Formation Psychosis.

“Mattias Desmet, Professor of Clinical Psychology in the Department of Psychology and Educational Sciences of Ghent University, discusses how the handling of the coronavirus pandemic has lacked a rational approach such that measures used to mitigate the transmission of the virus may potentially claim more victims than the virus itself.

Desmet details mass formation describing how a narrative is circulated about an anxiety (eg. a virus) while also providing a strategy (eg. Lockdowns [masks/vaccines]) for dealing with the collective anxiety over a global pandemic such that the previous free-floating anxieties of the masses permit the subject to connect to the collective object of anxiety, the virus.” ~ “Savage Minds-Substack”

So, as we enter 2022 with at least 47% of the population in a gotdang trance, I fear 2022 will look very much like 2021 if we, the normal, not suffering from psychosis people don’t start speaking up and challenging the totalitarians that want even more power over our lives, and we have to find a way to break the rest of you from your self-imposed trance and irrational fear.


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