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Enrique Zepeda,President eZEP Financial Services

As the economy and stock market continue their continued decline since the Biden Administration took Office and war has broken out in Ukraine, there are steps you can take to protect and grow your money, while planning for your retirement.

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Enrique Zepeda Interview Part I

Part one of my interview with Enrique Zepeda of eZEP Financial Services in Hermosa Beach, California. In Part 1 Enrique talks about how the economy affects your personal bottom line and, as political administrations come and go YOU need a money strategy to protect and grow your money with little risk!

Enrique Zepeda Interview Part II

Everything you always wanted to know about Annuities, IRA's, 401K's but were afraid to ask!


Enrique Zepeda Interview Part III

From Annuities, retirement planning to End-of-Life financial you have a plan?

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